South Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania

Township Management

Township Board of Supervisors

  • Joseph Charlton - Chairman
  • Paul Bergad
  • Jay Powell

The Board of Supervisors is the governing body of the Township. It is comprised of three members selected at large from the community to staggered, six-year terms. In addition to other duties, the Board of Supervisors is responsible for appointing people to various committees within the Township's government. A list of some of these committees includes the Municipal Authority, the Planning Commission, the Vacancy Board, and the Zoning Hearing Board.

The Board of Supervisors meets at 7:00 p.m. on the Third Monday of each month. These meetings are open to the public. Special meetings are advertised as needed.

Office Location

384 Iron Bridge Road
Freeport, PA 16229

  • Phone - (724) 295-0455
  • Fax - (724) 295-0477
  • Municipal Garage - (724) 295-4638
  • Secretary: Michele Brestensky

Township Maintenance

To ensure that the Township's equipment is properly serviced and the roads are maintained throughout the year, the Township employs four full-time workers.

Township Maintenance

At this time maintenance staff includes:

  • Terry VanDyke, Road Master
  • Lawn Knappenberger
  • Dan Swartzlander
  • Zachary Kepple

Real Estate Tax Collector

Valerie Smith - (724) 295-4522

Wage Tax Collector

Berkheimer Associates - (800) 383-4870

Zoning Officer

Zoning Certificates must be obtained from the Zoning Officer.

Vince Venturino
127 Locust Road
Freeport, PA 16229

Phone - (724) 882-0536
Fax - (724) 295-1148


All sewage permits are issued by the Sewage Enforcement Agency of Armstrong County, Consultant and SEO - Minday Shay - (724) 354-6070 fax (724) 295-6074

Planning Comission

Five member board

  • Jennifer Christy
  • Heidi Powell
  • Carol Deangelis
  • Corey Christy
  • Travis Lindsay
  • Alternative - Mike Emeloff
  • Alternative - Chad Powell

Zoning Hearing Board

Three member board

  • Keith Camerlo
  • Thad Szelc
  • Jason Holloway

Municipal Authority

Five member board

  • Kevin Christy
  • Jay Powell
  • Ed Young
  • Tom Boroski
  • Paul Bergad


  • Roy Charlton

Emergency Management

Armstrong County EMA

Voter Registration -

Armstrong County Courthouse
Kittanning, PA
Phone - (724) 548-3222

Election - The community is divided into two districts (East & West). Both districts vote at the South Buffalo Fire Hall